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Panubli-on is an Ilonggo term that means “heritage”. This describes the product showcase we feature in the fair. It highlights the industries Western Visayas is known for: weaving (piña, hablon, silk, abaca), food and delicacies (biscocho and panaderias, butterscotch, ampao, piaya) and artisanal homegrown crafts of fibers, bamboo, vines, abaca and other indigenous materials. The Panubli-on Region 6 Heritage Fair is a marketing support for SMEs graduating from attending a provincial fair prior to participating in a national fair. It is a culminating activity for product development efforts conducted in the provincial level and various assistances like Design Center Philippines, CITEM, Great Women II, CESO to name a few.



”Distinctly Woven in Style”

JAF Handicraft and Piña Industry have been promoting the One Town One Product of Kalibo - quality hand-woven fabrics produced in the province of Aklan, Philippines. The company is working closely with the local community, training people to be skilled artisans that would manufacture woven products made from natural fibers like pineapple, silk, abaca, and cotton.

Traditionally, woven products were produced mostly by a group of mothers and wives to help sustain their living and provide for the needs of their families. JAF Handicraft and Piña Industry aims to preserve the culture by promoting the tradition of weaving; generate jobs, and provide conscious sustainable livelihood for the people in the community.

Patronizing our products can help JAF Handicraft and Piña Industry achieve its vision and mission of teaching people to be resilient, practicing and advocating green strategies, and to achieve sustainability.


Buttons'NThings  Arts & Crafts Shop manufactures and designs hand crafted products made from selected and organic materials. Most of the materials  are from the province of Aklan and intricately woven by the locals. Product motifs usually promote the humble, rich and diverse culture of Aklan. It is usually made of grass, seeds. fabrics, indigenous reeds, and fibers made from palm, abaca  and pina. The designer derives inspiration from the beauty of nature and believes in protecting Mother Earth. Therefore, it aims to increase awareness and appreciation through the products by continuously innovating and discovering new ideas and product development.

Buttons'NThings is a company that also specializes in customizing  products to suit every one's unique style and taste. Believes in innovation and importance of self expression. The company customizes from any type of bags,bracelets, earrings, hair accessories, gift items and souvenirs.

Buttons'NThings has a strong mission and that is to make change in several communities. We proudly supports the strong women of Aklan. Most of our weavers and artisans are housewives, senior citizens and young mothers. We believe we can make change by giving opportunities through sharing our knowledge and ideas and providing them livelihood. 


The company Raquel’s Piña Cloth Products, by means of our hand woven fabrics aims to prove the unending tradition and culture of our generations and shows the timeless beauty of the queen of Philippine textiles, the Piña.


Papierus Arts and Crafts are manufacturers of quality handmade paper sheets and products. Our paper products include fans, gift boxes, diaries, photo frame, paper shopping bags, office stationery, journals, photo albums, etc. These are totally natural and eco-friendly, our handmade paper and products can be customized in terms of color (synthetic or vegetable dyed) quality, size and printing.

Our firm was established in 1991, one of the pioneer in the handmade papermaking industry in the country, member of the Federation of Handmade Papermakers and Converters (FEHPA) from 1991 until it was disbanded in 1997. Participated in several local Trade fairs and Exhibition.

The Province of Aklan has been noted for centuries for its fine and intricately woven piña cloth, abaca cloth and woven raffia. Waste materials for this industry were being used for papermaking. Piña paper has a higher tensile strength, bursting, tearing and double fold strength as compared to mill paper, while salago and abaca handmade paper have elegant and exquisite surface for writing and printing.


For more product designs, visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PapierusArtsCrafts/


Rosafoods is a home-grown family enterprise producing the best linamnam-sarap Kalibo Longaniza in town.


In 1990, Rosafoods transformed the lowly longaniza into a delicious all-lean meat delight with its uniquely sweet and yummy taste. Rosafoods favorites – Longaniza and Tocino – have been the standards in taste and quality for many food lovers.


For its effort at innovation and promotion of longaniza with Akeanon twist, Rosafoods was recognized by DTI Region 6 with a Panubli-on Heritage Award in 2019.


In 2006, Rosafoods was accredited meat processing plant and a certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) company by the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS). It has license to operate as a food manufacturer by the Food and Drug Administration since 2016.


At present, Rosafoods manufactures longaniza, tocino and a wide range of meat products that caters to the discerning Filipino taste. Also on offer are Filipino side-dishes such as atsara and bagoong (shrimp paste).


Rosafoods also distributes pasalubong items produced by local entrepreneurs such as chicharon balat, camote chips, and banana chips.


Rosafoods supplies major supermarkets in Kalibo, Aklan; Roxas City, Capiz; and Iloilo City; and most resorts and restaurants in Boracay and caters to some hotels in Iloilo City.


From its humble beginnings, Rosafoods has grown to become a major food manufacturer in the region.


List of Awards

  • 2017 Regional Best SET-UP Adaptor by DOST Region 6
  • 2016 Outstanding Aklan Entrepreneur by the Province of Aklan
  • 2011 SME Star Elite Award Champion by the MSMED Council and DTI Region 6


Fergie’s Food Products is a FDA approved, single proprietorship
business registered under the Department of Trade and Industry. 
The enterprise is engaged in the production of delicious and sweet
Barquiron, Barquillos and Piaya. Our store is located at RAL 
building, Roxas Avenue Roxas City serving the best and high 
quality delicacies and bringing excellent customer service to 
our clients. 

You may contact us through 
email: fergiesfood@yahoo.com 
or call us on:
telephone number: (036) 621-0665. 
You may know more about us if you click the link below.
Enjoy and have a good day.
 Fergies Food Products




Megan's Food Product is an enterprise that registered as sole proprietorship and FDA approved. Megan's has been existing for 10 years and is  known for the good quality taste of Barquillos, Barquiron, Banana Chips & Salted peanuts. travelllers, tourists and balikbayan and the locals are the customers. Megan's also have Polvoron, Piaya with different flavors of fillings like Ube, Pandan, mango & choco. Megans Food Product is located at Brgy.. Najus-an, Mambusao, Capiz, 5807.

For orders you may contact thru:

  1.      Email: meglexgin@gmail.com
  2.      FB Acct: Megans food Product
  3.      Business Contact No: 09380127961




Spanggo has been existing for 8 years and is known for the assorted Pies of Capiz especially the Buko Pie. Travellers, tourists,balikbayans and the locals in the region are the customers. Spanggo is a combination of two words- Spanish and Ilonggo. We also have frozen meat products for all day breakfast and the best sellers are Skinless Spanish Chorizo, Spanish Sausage and Butifarra. 

SPANGGO FOODS, CAFE and PASALUBONG Center, Rizal Sreet, Roxas City, Capiz 5800

Email: cifpainc@gmail.com and spanggo6812@gmail.com

FB: Spanggo Foods Cafe and Pasalubong Center

IG: spanggo

MANILA Orders c/o:

CHUMMY J's Food Lab

FB and IG : chummy_js





Progressive Women Agrarian Reform Cooperative (PWARC)
The Progressive Women Agrarian Reform Cooperative is an Agrarian Reform Cooperative registered under the Cooperative Development Authority with Registration No. 9520-06003236. This was organized and registered on March 5, 1999 and re-registered on November 27, 2009. Its operation is region wide, and it has a total members of 3,095 as of June 2019. Among this 2,012 are women and 1,083 are men. Its main business is Calamansi Juice Processing with an office address at Brgy. Gibato, Dumarao, Capiz.  At present, there are 14 regular employees/processors and 2 on call workers are employed. Around 50 Calamansi growers/planters supplying the calamansi fruits for the production/processing of juices and concentrate, and more than 200 retailers/stores are being supplied by the Cooperative all throughout the provinces of Capiz and Iloilo and part of Aklan. 
The Calamansi Juice produced by the Cooperative has no preservatives added, the members believed that organic health drink is very important. The very reason why the Cooperative needs to have and maintain freezers to lengthen the shelf life of the products. It can produce at 900-1,200 bottles a day for five days a week.
In Brgys. Gibato and neighboring Barangays alone, there are around 70 hectares of Calamansi trees which supports and sustain the needs of the Cooperative. 


Gi Crafts is a handicraft enterprise specializes in designing seashells as artworks. Specifically, it produces decors, frames, mirrors, lamps, chandeliers, and other shell craft products. It is known for its innovative designs, creative integration of local materials, and a center for handicrafts skills development.

GI Crafts Shell Museum And Gallery

  • Owner:     Genie O. Biana
  • Contact Number:   09338510054
  • E-mail:   gikula67@gmail.com
  • Facebook


Pan-ayanon Handicrafts was established with the idea that every product is intricately made by the hands of “Pan-ayanon”, a dialect term which refers to the people residing in Panay, Capiz.The existence of the business was inspired by the former owner Pascual Deita. As the owner aged and to sustain the business operation, the skills of making handicrafts was handed down to Marydoll D. Azarcon, Deita’s niece.

A personal touch of imagination, given life with both hands”

Owner: Marydoll Azarcon
Address: Pob. Ilaya, Panay, Capiz
Email: azarconmarydoll@gmail.com
FB Account: Marydoll Deita Azarcon
Contact #:09488955763


Kristin’s Ribbons and Bows  were organized and registered at DTI last 7 August 2019.  The owner started the business as a hobby in which she made a few pieces of ribbons and bows for her daughter for the reason that she couldn’t find any accessories that suits her taste. The  designs and quality of the accessories found in the market are very common which makes her think that it’s high time for her to create something classy, unique, and sophisticated that is fairly prized.

To improve its operation, the owner attended trainings and seminars of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for business improvement and product enhancement.

Before the year 2019 ends, Kristin’s Ribbons and Bows engaged in a trade fair in Roxas City to promote its business and make profit on top of it.

In the first quarter of 2020, Kristin’s Ribbons and Bows decided to innovate its product to sustain its operation by producing fabric face mask which is a necessity during the time of crisis.

Kristin’s Ribbons and Bows products are made-to-order. 



Owner: Kristin Marie A. Fuentes 

Official FB page: kristinsribbonsandbow.ph  

Email: kristinsribbonsandbows@gmail.com

Contact No: +63 956-014-1952

To know us more, please see our video : Kristinsribbonsandbow_Video



Kapis atbp Shellcraft is a family owned business specializing in manufacturing Capiz Shells into a Beautiful and Elegant Decorations suitable for Home-use and Gifts owned by Vince and Corazon Balgos Tiangco. The Store is located at Banica, Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines, est. 2002.

Any interest in our products, you may contact us at:

Telephone no.: (036) 6210-482
Mobile no.: 09209213439
or email us at: cbtiangco47@yahoo.com                                                                                
you may aso see us at our Facebook Page: Kapis Atbp


Mascobado sugar symbolizes the plight of marginalized sugarcane producers of Negros.  It is the most widely known organic whole cane sugar in the Philippines. It is one of the major ingredients of Mascao, the finest Fair Trade Chocolate in Europe. 


Natural and organic agricultural products.


Muy Bien Ventures Co., Inc is a business enterprise in the western province of Negros Island, Philippines. Our company is engaged in the manufacturing and trading of naturally grown and processed food products that promote health, wellness and environmentally sound practices. It`s main ingredients are sourced and carefully selected from local farmers who follow sustainable agricultural practices in Negros Occidental. Our partnership with them provides assurance of fresh, quality, organically farmed raw materials for a fair price. IIDA FARMS as brand gives face to our local farmers who toil our lands from dawn to dusk. Derived from the family name of the cofounder, it represents the unique blend of Japanese mind and spirit to the Filipino culture particularly to Negros Island which was heavily influenced by Spanish barons. This interesting mix produces highly distinctive products that would be enjoyed by consumers both local and from all over the world.

For orders and inquiries you may contact us through the following:

Landline               :  (034) 707-5032

E-mail add           :  muybien_ventures@yahoo.com

Facebook Page : IIDA FARMS by Muy Bien Ventures Co., Inc.     




VELORIA'S SPECIAL SQUID RINGS was started in 1974 as single Proprietorship under the name of JOSEFINA M. VELORIA and manage by her daughter SUSANA V. VISTAR, however, when the owner died, the two daughters continued this business and they decided to change from Single Proprietorship  to Partnership as SJ VELORIA'S SQUID RINGS CO. under the names of SUSANA V. VISTAR and JULIETA V. LOBATON.


Hacienda Crafts Company is a fair trade community based manufacturer and exporter of lamps, home decor, accent furniture and table top items hand made from natural materials like coconut, buri, abaca and bamboo.  It is based in Manapla, Negros Occidental where the company carries out its mission of providing alternative income opportunities to farmers & fisher folk.


Rebecca M. Rascon

Regional Director

Regional Director Rebecca M. Rascon earned her Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of San Agustin and worked on her thesis for Masters in Business Administration at the same University. A Career Executive Service Officer (CESO) III, she also holds a Diploma on Marriage and Family Life.


Her career in DTI began in 1978 as a Project Development Analyst for Surigao City, and later on of Zamboanga City, Isabela, Nueva Ecija and Bulacan (1979-1980) under the Medium and Small Scale Industries Coordinated Action Program (MASICAP) Scholarship.  She also handled various roles for the DTI-Small Business Assistance Center in Western Visayas from 1980 to 1987.

In August 2015 to June 2018, she was assigned as the OIC-Regional Director of DTI Region 6, and in July 2018 she got appointed as the Regional Director of the Department of Trade and Industry – Region 6.  DTI 6 is also a recipient of the bronze award under the enhanced PRIME-HRM in October 2018, for obtaining the Maturity Level II in all four Core HR Systems. 


Ms. Rascon believes that being poor is never a hindrance to success.  One needs to be focused and determined.  It should be hard work, people orientation plus keeping your feet firmly grounded.  Above all, it is FAITH in God that will see you through.

Jerry Clavesillas

Director, Bureau of Small & Medium Enterprise Development

A Certified Public Accountant by profession, Mr. Clavesillas has been working on SME promotion and development for almost four decades, starting in 1980 using his expertise with numbers by providing technical assistance to MSMEs on greater access to finance by preparing feasibility study studies for loan application.

He is presently the Director of the Bureau of Small and Medium Enterprise Development of the Department of Trade and Industry.

Ermelinda P. Pollentes

Assistant Regional Director, DTI Region 6

Assistant Regional Director Ermelinda Pollentes spent years assisting micro, small and medium entrepreneurs and spearheading programs for MSME development. Her fruitful professional career in the Department of Trade and Industry solidified her commitment and appreciation for business promotion and consumer welfare.

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