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  • November 16-20 2020

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BAHANDI Regional Trade Fair is the seedbed from which economically viable enterprises are given the opportunity to test the market and create a market mix for its product. It is an annual event that provides a venue for Region 8 producers to meet with institutional buyers, including merchandisers for mall operators, exporters, subcontractors, as well as walk-in buyers. It also serves as a training ground for MSMEs to gain knowledge in negotiating and dealing with buyers, adjust their costing and pricing that will suit their chosen market, and determine the factors that affect their product as they interact with buyers. BAHANDI Regional Trade Fair 2016, with the theme “Promoting Pride…Inspiring Innovation…Celebrating Change”, intends to showcase the momentum that has driven Region 8 producers in their recovery from the super typhoon Yolanda, proving their resiliency and openness to product innovations, adapting to changes in business environment, and carry on with pride as economic drivers of the region.


Secret Kitchens of Samar

Secret Kitchens of Samar is a campaign project of the Province of Samar that will position Samar as a Food Destination, promoting Samarnon food as an exciting discovery for Filipinos to savor, a perfect way to complement their thrilling journeys in the Province. Highlighting the province’s unique culinary gems which would benefit travelers, and in turn, the livelihoods of Samarnon food entrepreneurs.

Mary's Spesyal Abuyog Tsokoleyt Moron, Atbp.

Manufacturer of delicious Leyte Native Delicacies such as Chocolate Moron, Binagol, Sagmani & Suman Latik

Contact Information

Website: http://www.marysmoron.com/

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/manaogmary411

E-Mail: jordankatherine10@gmail.com

Zaha Food Products

Home of your favorite milky pastillas

Located in: 933 San Roque St., Carigara, Leyte

Mobile no.: 0977 771 5436

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/lumenspastillas

Zewil Deli Foods

Producers of pure tablea in Matag-ob, Leyte

Capangihan Mothers Weavers Association (CMWA)

A group of mothers in Tolosa, Leyte who are sharing the same love and passion for tikog-weaving. Together, we are strong.

Clair's Enterprises



Lolo Bobby's Handicraft

Producers of quality home decors and handicrafts from Bato, Leyte. Manufacturing activities include: a) upcycling carabao horn waste products into export quality gifts and home decors; b) upcycling coco shells into beautiful and multi-purpose home utilities and fashion accessories; and, c) creating amazing work of art from wood waste materials and other wood products.

Sto. Nino de Plaridel Multi Purpose Cooperative

Makers of beautifully woven and artfully crafted pandan leaves in Baybay City, Leyte.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/stoninoinnovations

TAPS Handmade Garments and Fashion Enterprises

TAPS Handmade Garments Fashion Enterprises started business 1999 manufacturing bags, coin purse, wallets, mats, and many other souvenirs. With the help of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the business has been successful. DTI helped us in marketing thru trade fairs (regional, national, and international). Thru this trade fair, we've been known in making bags like backpack, shoulder bag, mats, coin purse, seminar bags, and many more. We established local buyers through trade fairs and exhibits since the year 2000 up to present.Ticog was our main materials use.


Orion Herbal Healing Product Center

An establishment that focuses on producing and practicing the use of natural products which aims to improve the quality of life.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/orionherbalofficial

Website: https://orionherbal.com.ph/

E-Mail: contact@orionherbal.com

Telephone: (053) 335 3699

Northern Samar Indigenous Handicraft and Coco Coir Producers Association

Products are handly made with native materials like Nito, Rattan and Coco Coir.

ARM Farm

Cacao Products

BSBJ Food Processing

Cacao Products

Maturan Pili Candies

Plili Products/Delicacies

Beata's Delicacies

Chesmae Sweets and Nuts


PADAYON Handicrafts Production

Fashionable bags

Arraiza farm

Virgin Coconut oil and Moron


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