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  • November 11 - October 26 2020

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Treasures of Region 12 is the official regional trade fair of the DTI-Region 12. Dubbed as “The Origin of Great Things”, the sixty (60) MSMEs will show case the exquisite products that are home to Region 12. Products range from food such as tuna, cacao, coffee, sinamak (spiced vinegar) and intricate crafts such as t’nalak products, inaul cloth, brasswares, indigenous home décors, fashion accessories, among others. SOCCSKSARGEN also known as Region XII is located in Central Mindanao. The name of the region is an acronym that stands for the region’s four provinces and one of its cities: South Cotabato, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani and General Santos. The regional center is Koronadal located in the province of South Cotabato, while the center of commerce, industry, transportation and the most populous city is General Santos.



M.O.'s food products is a food manufacturing company base in Koronadal city south Cotabato province

Dr. Alfred's Essential, Inc.

The first Pure Mangosteen Capsule in the Philippines. Puro. Epektibo at Presyong Pangmasa. It is made from 100% pure powder of the pericarp of the mangosteen fruit.

Gabriel Fruit Production and Processing

Freshly and deliciously processed fruits from the bountiful land of Tulunan, Cotabato Province.

KUVI Integrated Farm

Home to the Civet Coffee of Cotabato. 100% organic Arabica Coffee. Pure Civet Coffee dropping. No other powder added. No preservatives.

Don Busco Multipurpose Cooperative

Just the goodness of biodynamically-grown certified oragnic premium unpolished rice. Buy a kilogram, help a farmer.

Velasco Souvenir Items and Handicrafts

Creativity. Passion. We are The Art of Velasco.

Ivonne's Bag Manufacturing

Bayong Lokal goes upcycling! Uniquely made, customized according to your style! Be different, Be authentic!

MSR Enterprises

Coffee and Bagoong

Mhanies Food Products

Maguindanao Delicacies

Pogans Food Products and Catering Services

Tinapayan and Chili Sauce

Maguindanao Royal Traditional Handicrafts

Maguindanao Royal Traditional Handicrafts has a lot of things to offer about Maguindanao culture. Most of its products are totally made of inaul, the traditional woven cloth of the Maguindanaon. It is the Maguindanao word for “woven”. With Inaul, Maguindanao Royal Traditional Handicrafts does not only provide with colorful and intricately designed cloth. With it, it gives a piece of Maguindanao’s culture and tradition; something that symbolizes how committed they are as well in preserving what they have.

Rio Grande Pusaw Handicraft Association

Rio Grande Pusaw Handicrafts Association is proud to sell products that are made up of water hyacinth stalk; processed into ladies bags, souvenir bags, pen holders, coin purse, leis, ref magnets, coasters, placemats, table runners and other novelty items of your choice.

Mipopola Cub


Great Harvest Food Industry (Chocolate)

Great Harvest Food Industry is a local chocolatier and maker of special food products mainly natural salad dressing, dried fruits and other gourmet foods mostly made from locally produced raw materials. In 2012, Great Harvest began developing and processing its first product, the Dried Fruits- Mango, Coconut, Pineapple, Jackfruit and Papaya which are sourced from local farms of SOCSKSARGEN. From a small production line located in the heart of General Santos City, the processing of the product is done using a state-of-the-art equipment and quality standard procedures by well-trained and hardworking personnel. As food handler, the company puts utmost importance on sanitation and training as key factors in sustaining the production of high quality products. In 2014, out of great passion for creativeness and innovation, as well as the heart for helping improve the local community, Great Harvest has ventured into its new product line, the personalized and handmade chocolates made from premium ingredients. In the following year, in 2015, through careful study, experimentations, and consultations, Great Harvest also came up with its own formulation and launched its ‘no-preservative’ natural salad dressing made from local fruits and vegetables. Great Harvest is working hand-in-hand with the local farmers by patronizing their produce such as pineapple, mango, passion fruit and other produce that can be used by the company to make high quality products. Striving to be among the top suppliers of special food products in the region, Great Harvest opened an outlet at SM Mall and KCC Mall GenSan in 2015 to September 2017, and is now supplying its chocolates and salad dressing to main stores and hotels in Mindanao. The high quality and goodness of our products continue to pave the way for us to expand our market to the different tourist spots in the country, including Boracay and Palawan. Currently, Great Harvest is now on its way of introducing its newest and interesting innovation – the Gourmet Tuyo – a specially prepared dried fish in a very tasteful unique sauce, which is also made from our local products. Our commitment and continued efforts to be the leading maker of unique and high quality products is our way of serving and delighting our customers, as well as supporting our local community and contribute to a Greater Gensan.

Daily Grace Enterprise ( chili garlic sauce, vinegar, condiments, chili, chili sauce, spice, seasonings)

Guaranteed best tasting chili garlic sauce and spice blended vinegar under the brand name Dandom's are the sought after quality products by Daily Grace Enterprise, a micro enterprise started in 2015 in General Santos City. These condiments are made from locally sourced fresh raw materials from rural farmers in Sarangani Province. It is produced in a newly put up FDA accredited facility founded by a  food technologist with a vision of producing export quality condiments and giving economic opportunities to rural farmers and marginalized women in their community.

You may visit our website www.dandoms.com for more info about our company.

Currently these products are available in local groceries such as KCC Mall of Gensan and 138 Hypermart and in some Tuna Shops and Meat Shops in the city. SAFI Meat Shop, City Central Meat Shops, Citra Mina Seaffod Market, Immanuel Tuna, VL Food Products, Sofia Tuna Traders, Jo-Ann's Refreshment, Yolly's Palabok, Senda's Siakoy House, I.P Antipolo BBQ and Jomun's Kamayan are some of their product outlets.

Gees Agri Coco Products Corporation

VL Food Products

When the business started products company details possible questions about the details of the products

Lola Mading's Food Products

Back in the year 1950, the late Jose Cunanan Deonoso            was engaged in the  cattle raising business. As the cattle grew in number, so was the milking cows which produced more milk. Her mother, the late  Maria Cunanan Deonoso tried the idea of making it as pastillas to avoid putting the milk to waste. It was a trial and error process until she was able to perfect the right texture and taste of the pastillas  we have today.

We do not put any preservatives or additives.  

It makes our product a healthy alternative to anyone’s sweet cravings.




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