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OKB-Gayon Bicol, through the years, has provided opportunities for our homegrown entrepreneurs to develop, find new markets and become more competitive. Organized by the OK Bikol Association, Inc. in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)-Region 5 and the Department of Tourism (DOT)-Region 5, this annual marketing and cultural event is the longest running DTI-organized regional trade fair in the Philippines. The OKB-Gayon Bicol features Bicol’s best products made from finest handcrafted materials plus our prime food delicacies. It will bring the Bicolano entrepreneurs’ distinctive skills in weaving, innovating, and producing new products and designs to the world.


La'vien Food Products

La'vien Food Products was established last July 2019, when its owner was recovering from depression. The only target of lavien by that time was to have an outlet for herself to make her self busy and be active again on her social life. But God made a way for her to seize the opportunity and pursue her dreams, which is to become an entrepreneur . She developed and promoted her moms signature product on Food Exhibits and seek help on DTI office to help her introduce it on market . La'vien aims to give a unique taste of Bicol delicacies adding a spice on its main products and give its comfort food a unique taste that will always taste like home.

SiLigaya Food Products

Our bottled food products are authentic bicolano dishes which has coco milk and sili as uniform ingredients. It’s creamy and it helps the consumers who wants to eat savory local dishes anywhere by being available as a go-to “ulam” since its bottled and preserved with no artificial preservatives added. It also helps consumers to have a taste of home since the recipe is from a mother who loves cooking for her children. It tastes like home because it is from home. It will most especially bring joy to consumes who misses their province and/or their mother’s cooking because it is made from home and made with love.

AMLasay food Industry

Ready to eat Bicol food


We develop and innovate food products that have unique blends with the touch of home. Because in the end of any given day, we always want to enjoy food from the comfort of our home. We have wide range of bottled food products from Spanish Style Sardines, Fruits Sauces and Authentic Bicol Delicacies, that everyone can surely enjoy just like home-cooked meals. All our products uses the best quality ingredients and are all natural with no added preservatives.

Maria E Food Products

Maria E stands with the purpose of giving genuine service and promote high quality edible product made with care and competency.


Produces world-class handicrafts fashion bags, charms, fascinators, headbands, and hats in Camarines Sur made of sustainable endemic natural fibers such as Abaca, Bangkuan, Raffia, and Bamboo for the past 16 years.

HGQ Handicrafts is a community-based business model and a proven sustainable rural fair trade livelihood that supports more than 500 women and men on a year-round basis.

To see more of our products and our community-building activities, please visit  and like our Facebook pages:

HGQ Handicrafts

Klara Accezuri

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We are open for wholesale & resellers.

Bulk productions are most welcome with low prices with MOQ, product developments & EOM or rebranding set on specific timelines to meet production deliveries.

If interested in our products & should you want to know more, we’re more than happy to assist you.


Manufacturer of Bottled Bicolano Dishes and OTOP Hub Operator

Tylg Herbal Industry

Local Producer of Herbal Products




BAHI Enterprises makes 100% natural Ginger Teas and other food products.

Our aim is to provide you wellness and healthy products around the world.


Where we share our love for handcrafted things and ideas for your creative mind.


Going outdoor and loving local? Sanig products is just the right store for you.



With a start-up capital of Php 5,000 and the support of women weavers in Bacon district in Sorsogon City, Mary Anne T. Gabion established her handicrafts business. She combined the production of handicrafts and dressmaking because she though the blending of both skills would be good for business.


As sole proprietor, she engaged herself in various training programs, product development seminars, and marketing tutorials to enhance business operations. It was important afterall to gain a competetive edge in the market. Without adequate training, the business will mostly likely fall apart, as she has seen in the past. Ms. Gabion is a proud graduate of Kapatid Mentor Micro Enterprise (KMME) program of DTI in 2017, the first batch of mentees in Sorsogon. 


Today, Mariana’s Handicraft is a known supplier of trays, boxes, baskets, and other handwoven products made of karagumoy and bariw (the local names for pandan), catering to buyers in the entire Bicol region and Metro Manila.


Makers of bamboo,pili shell, coconut shell, novelties and lampshades


Providing a premium quality Pre-sprouted, dehydrated Pili Nuts products, to help a healthy conscious customers who wants to try locally sourced finest gourmet Pili Nuts products. We ensure quality products satisfaction and friendly service before and after every sale. 

Our Products are locally sourced and manufactured locally in Bicol region. With every purchase of our products you are helping our company to bring much needed income into our " ka babaryo" local villagers where unemployment is high and standard of living is low. We utilized their labor force for de-pulping, cracking(de-shelling) and packaging process.



in a place where Pili nuts are abundant, who could not have thought about sharing this bountiful amount to the rest of mankind to savour? Two brave souls had taken the courage to conquer all fears and hesitations and came up with a family business, which opened the doors to all the gateways for Pili trade and industry. It was in 1981 when husband and wife Jose Orense Navarro Jr. and Victoria Bernardo Navarro established "Vicky's Pili and Food Products" in the quiet town of Irosin, Sorsogon. Tio Joe and Tia Vicky, as commonly known by many, started with simple Pili nut treats while staying in a shanty near a bus terminal. The constant stream of locals and travellers has patronised their products and soon became popular. Their trip in Irosin is never complete without having a bagful of pasalubong from Vicky's Pili for their loved ones at home. Mr. Navarro has an innate drive for leadership and excellence. He continuously sought ways to make their products better and grander. Due to his dedication and willingness to teach other people engaging in the business, he became a leader of the local Pili industry and played such an active role in its promotion and development. He even became one of the first "Magsasaka Syentista" (M.S. / Farmer Scientist) in sorsogon province recognised by the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Natural Research and Development (PCARRD). Unknown to many, Mr. Navarro invented a machine that accelerates the processing of pili nuts and to date it is still in use. almost all stories have their dark ages and as for this tireless couple, it was when their bodies could no longer dance along with the tune they used to dance into back when they were just starting. Somehow the business momentum slowed down, however the values and skills they have imparted to their children have become the reasons to make their descendants certain that they need to keep going. There was no room for living up Like a Pili tree wherein it becomes stronger when typhoons hit it,the siblings decided to intervene and fortify the business. In September of 2010, Myra Zandra Navarro-Gestiada, one of the offspring and a business course graduate,took over and she was ready to take the business to new challenges. Her knowledge, expertise, and an optimistic mindset took her and the business into better heights. She then started the implementation of a new order of priorities: starting with the renovation of the store building and the processing area which was financially assisted by the eldest sibling, Marsha Navarro-Chua; reorganisation of the operations and procedures; and training of newly hired and tenured employee which gave a strong jumpstart for the team. Vicky's Pili and Food Products envisions to make every Filipino experience the delectable taste of our very own Pili nuts that in each and every bite, one could not help but be more proud that we are Filipinos and in our very own native land grows a nut so fine one could simply not resist. Our company continuously strives for excellence and innovation. We upgrade as often as we can, bringing more innovative products to our valued consumers. Since we are one of the pioneer pili nut candy makers in the country making the best Bicolano pasalubongs, we always want to remain a good role model to everyone in the industry. It is part of our goals to keep a supportive and harmonious environment should there be any who needs guidance. We firmly believe in camaraderie and teamwork. It is out ultimate aspiration to make the Pili nuts known to the world, and this could only be achieved if all of us would join hands and assist each other. This was a dream of the founders of the business, the two brave souls started it all for the Pili industry, and us the next generation to fulfill.


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