Gabriel Fruit Production and Processing

Freshly and deliciously processed fruits from the bountiful land of Tulunan, Cotabato Province.

KUVI Integrated Farm

Home to the Civet Coffee of Cotabato. 100% organic Arabica Coffee. Pure Civet Coffee dropping. No other powder added. No preservatives.

Don Busco Multipurpose Cooperative

Just the goodness of biodynamically-grown certified oragnic premium unpolished rice. Buy a kilogram, help a farmer.

Velasco Souvenir Items and Handicrafts

Creativity. Passion. We are The Art of Velasco.

AMLasay food Industry

Ready to eat Bicol food

Ivonne's Bag Manufacturing

Bayong Lokal goes upcycling! Uniquely made, customized according to your style! Be different, Be authentic!

Central Mindanao Green Workers Association

Things can go green. Home of the trending Bamboo Face Shield.

Association of Rural Improvement Club of Kidapawan City Inc.

Customized your trend with us.

Mediatrix Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Be your own comfort through customizing your fits.


Bamboo furniture and bahay kubo


We develop and innovate food products that have unique blends with the touch of home. Because in the end of any given day, we always want to enjoy food from the comfort of our home. We have wide range of bottled food products from Spanish Style Sardines, Fruits Sauces and Authentic Bicol Delicacies, that everyone can surely enjoy just like home-cooked meals. All our products uses the best quality ingredients and are all natural with no added preservatives.

Mindanao Pearl International

Enter the special world of Mindanao Pearl International.


Every Unique piece of jewelry that meets your eyes refelects out

tradition of originality and fine craftsmanship that marked us for almost 50 years.

Let the recognition that has come our way speak for itself.

When it comes to pearls, no one comes close. Our passion for bringing you the best is enrivaled.

See why many have made us their choice.

We stand by each of our products.

That is the commitment we make to you.

Noelle Enterprises

Dried Fruit Traders

Maria E Food Products

Maria E stands with the purpose of giving genuine service and promote high quality edible product made with care and competency.


A ZAMBOANGA-BASED FOOD MANUFACTURING COMPANY THAT PRODUCES PREMIUM, GOURMET-QUALITY FOOD PRODUCTS under the following flagship brands: Dona Christina, Pepinillos and Keith and Kat.


Produces world-class handicrafts fashion bags, charms, fascinators, headbands, and hats in Camarines Sur made of sustainable endemic natural fibers such as Abaca, Bangkuan, Raffia, and Bamboo for the past 16 years.

HGQ Handicrafts is a community-based business model and a proven sustainable rural fair trade livelihood that supports more than 500 women and men on a year-round basis.

To see more of our products and our community-building activities, please visit  and like our Facebook pages:

HGQ Handicrafts

Klara Accezuri

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We are open for wholesale & resellers.

Bulk productions are most welcome with low prices with MOQ, product developments & EOM or rebranding set on specific timelines to meet production deliveries.

If interested in our products & should you want to know more, we’re more than happy to assist you.

Malagos Agri-Ventures Corporation (Malagos Chocolate)

"High-quality beans make great chocolates!" Malagos Chocolate is single-origin made from ethically grown and processed beans that have been carefully graded, fermented, and solar-dried on our farms in Davao. Our vision is for Davao to become the preferred source of premium chocolates in the world. We aim to maintain a reputation for ethical and sustainable farming, for production processes that adhere to strict quality standards, and for steadfastness in upholding excellence in everything that we do. Our chocolates are made from tree-to-bar through the efforts of many people. Especially the farmers who help us operate our farm. The entire process of sowing, tending, harvesting, fermenting, drying, sorting, roasting, and producing the chocolate is done right on our farm, giving our products a more distinctive and pronounced taste.


Manufacturer of Bottled Bicolano Dishes and OTOP Hub Operator

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