"Made by hand, crafted with a heart"

Handicrafts, Home Decor and Souvenirs

Tylg Herbal Industry

Local Producer of Herbal Products

granny's corner arts and craft trading

plants stand, home decors, christmas decors, recycled hand painted pots



Lydia's Food Products

Producer of pure organic turmeric powder grown and harvested in Itbayat.

Milagrosa Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Milagrosa MPC is a group of marginalize woman in the far flung bario of Itbud composed of mostly fishermen wives. Surplus during fishing season are made into spanish style garfish or flying fish.

Pableo Food Processing

Pableo Food Processing is one of the major player in turmeric processing in the province. The company is an FDA LTO certified establishment. They produce quality organic turmeric grown and harvested by the producers themselves.

Doques Congie Haws

Doques Congie Haws is a producer of OTOP products for the town of Basco mostly rootcrop based (camote). They offer a wide array of products like camote polvoron, camote puto, camote chips and camote chicharon. 

C.E.C. Food Ventures

Processed Food Manufacturer

Art Food Products

With the goal to develop productions in partnership with the local producers by introducing innovations on packaging and labeling and subject the product for PRODEV under their own brand and label, Art Food Products is gearing to become a fabless company by introducing into the market local products from other local producers, thereby providing a significant market for their products.


A Multi-purpose Cooperative. It's operation is highly diversified which include agricultural related activities.At present, food processing is now one of the major income generating project to complement its farming activities.


Started its operation in 2004, owned and managed by a solo parent, Ms. Rodelyn Matila, was established initially to provide a living for her children.

After attending different trainings, she learned of the importance of product quality and purse a mission to provide the best of its products that best suits the different preferences of the customers. It also continuously attempts to broaden its venture and widen its market, thus, keeps on innovating its offered processed products like coffee, cacao, peanut butter, and frozen meat products.



Patasda ARB Cooperative

Patasda Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative is an Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Organization (ARBO) within the PATASDA ARC in Dalayap, Allacapan, Cagayan. It was previously registered as Dalayap Women’s Association that composed of majority of the rural women who are wives of agrarian reform beneficiaries (ARBs). In October 2016, the association was chosen as recipient of the DTI Shared Service Facility on Fruit Processing. With the provision of the said equipment, the members started with their processing enterprise to augment their farm income.

The cooperative manufactures several by-products of coconut, calamansi, pineapple and other fruits in season available in the area. But it's known and fast moving products are calamansi concentrate, coconut jam, coconut pastillas, fruit wines and vinegars. These were visible in Pasalubong Center stores in Allacapan and being showcased during local and national trade fairs.

Alcala Womens RIC MPC

-Founded in the year 2003

-with 45 members

-with FDA, CDA, Mayor's

-Operating as Multi-purpose cooperative and presently engage in the production of processed peanut

Nabbotuan Farmers MPC

Nabbotuan Farmers MPC is an Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Organization (ARBO) within the FURABAN Agrarian Reform Community in Solana, Cagayan. The cooperative started with only fifteen (15) members in the year 1991 but discontinued their operations for seven (7) years. It was revived in the year 2008 and to date, they already have 148 ARB farmer-members. The municipality of Solana and its nearby municipalities have huge hectares of sugarcane plantation. The cooperative is one of the ARBOs assisted whose majority of the members are sugarcane farmers wherein they sell their produce at CARSUMCO sugar mill located in Sto. Domingo, Piat, Cagayan. However, these farmers are faced with host of problems not to mention high production costs due to increase in cost of inputs, high labour rates, water rates, etc. Unfortunately, in terms of price, they are at the mercy of the sugar millers and are unable to get even cost of production to have both ends meet. Thus, through the intervention of the Department of Trade and Industry under the CARP program, sugarcane processing was introduced and the members were able to develop products such as the muscovado sugar. Capacity building activities were also provided to the members through series of trainings and to further improve their product’s marketability, product and market development initiatives were also extended. Further, through DAR’s Village Level Processing Center Enhancement Project (VLPCEP), their processing center was enhanced to conform to FDA requirements and with DTI’s provision of technical assistances, they were issued with License to Operate last January 2020. At present, the cooperative operates a small scale muscovado processing and market its products within local vicinities and trade fairs. The cooperative members have seen better returns with muscovado production and they envision to penetrate wider market niche considering the high market potential of the said product.

Sta Praxedes Sarakat Women Weavers Association

The Sta. Praxedes Sarakat Women Weavers Association is dedicated to produce through weaving high-quality products made from sarakat leaves. Products such as bags, mats, pillows, bayong, place mats, pencil case, wallets, notebook cover, box with cover, fruit tray and tissue holder are the novelty products of the said association. With the high demand and exploitation on the use of plastics, this green movement of Sta. Praxedes, a small town in the province of Cagayan is such a significant advocacy for climate change mitigation and natural preservation. The surprising combination of nature and art for the Praxedenians is always something to be proud of. 

In reference to geography, Sta. Praxedes is the northwestern most municipality of Cagayan that serves as a gateway of Cagayan Valley to the Ilocos Region. It is generally mountainous with a river valley that serves as the center of agriculture and settlements. It has a rolling terrain wherein raw materials like sarakat, pataga, lingo-lingo and nisi are grown. Its forest is still very rich in raw materials that is abundance prompted the people in the municipality to engage in cottage industries like mat weaving, basketry and other sarakat products. This serves as their livelihood project, a way to augment their income aside from farming and fishing. 


Made in Alicia, Isabela, BIBSISITA (est. 2015) is a homegrown brand that takes Filipino-themed artworks into functional, everyday items such as face masks, t-shirts, pillows, handbags, and wristlets. 

This is our mission, to weave the Filipino narrative into your homes and fill your spaces with warmth.

Nurtured with love and compassion, BIBSISITA wants to produce art that captures the small moments of the Filipino people. With the family at the center, our products are proof of love. Whether at home, with loved ones, or in solitude, our artworks are created to share the feeling of home.


Andrea's Paper Beads, with the tagline "We turn passion into fashion," is an enterprise established in 2013 that manufactures hand-made, classy, and long-lasting accessories made out of recycled paper. Products offered include bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and coin purse, among many others. Owned and managed by Jessah Andrea Domingo of Quezon, Isabela, the company focuses on helping the environment and empowering women in the community. As of today, a total of 70 young mothers, out-of-school youths, and young ladies were given the opportunity to finish their studies, helped send their children to school and buy their needs.

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