KARIGO Corn Husk Fashion and accessories association

High Quality Home Style and Wearable Products made of Corn Husk Twine

The women of KARIGO Corn husk Fashion and Accessories Association is from the Municipality of Quirino, Isabela. They have gathered together and looked for ways on how to earned additional income for their families. They saw the potential of corn husk, which is available in the place all year round, as a raw material in weaving. Today, they are becoming known for their quality corn husk made products like bags, wallets, trays, decors, among others.

CaviteƱo Isabelino Agriculture Cooperative

Caviteño Isabelino Agriculture Cooperative is the manufacturer of CICCO's Delight pineapple products. It is located in Magleticia, Echague, Isabela where you can find the sweetest and biggest pineapples in the country. It is being assisted by the Provincial Government of Isabela, DTI, DAR, DA and DOST. Our main products are fresh pineapples, we deliver them to different regions  and as far as Manila and Quezon City,  and we processed them into dried, jam, vinegar and wine. 

CIAC is focused in processing their own grown pineapple fruit. This fruit processing activity is a part of the number of livelihood projects of CIAC to help the women members and out of school youth to be financially stable. The products is all natural, made from freshly picked pineapple produce. Our mission as a cooperative is to promote  promote organic farming among the members for our environment conservation. 

RMEAZ Food products

RMEAZ FOOD PRODUCTS are burolicious fermented rice fish and gourmet tinapa in abottle convinient  and ready to eat anytime anywhere.



EJ Contreras Food House

“Healthy foods, extraordinary taste.”

C.E's Food Products

Maker of delectable Gourmet delicacies. Delicately prepared to satisfy the sophistication of your palate.


KMK FOOD PRODUCTS was established August 2016 located at District 1, Cauayan City Isabela.The owner Maricel Uy-Tsang started it as a passion for cooking usually given as gifts to relatives and friends and became a hit to the neighborhood. We started making our products in our own kitchen and that gives the owner the idea to brand the products “MY KITCHEN”. Our products are handcrafted gourmet ready to eat foods in a bottle such as gourmet tuyo, gourmet tinapa, bangus sardines in oil, Longganisa bits in oil and pickled bamboo shoots. We only use all natural ingredients for our products.

Quirinian Youth in-Action

QYA is a community-based youth social enterprise located at Sto. Domingo, Quirino, Isabela founded on December 6, 2013. The organization launched Project ABCD- Artistic Bamboo Crafts and Design which provide livelihood and showcase skills and creativity of the youth on making Bamboo products such as Mug, Coinbanks, Wall and Hangings Lamps, home decor/furnishing, bamboo cutleries.

JBM Food Products

Maker of all natural tropical fruit beverages such as calamansi, bignay, mango, guyabano and concentrates like calamansi, guyabano, bignay, mango. Artisan wines like bignay and guyabano. All natural vinegars like coconut vinegars and guyabano vinegars, wherein these vinegars are being used in pickling rattan fruit (littuko) and mangoes.

LT Herbal Health Products

LT Herbal Health Products is a non-food manufacturing company with business interest in personal care inspired from the many throw-away calamansi peel as waste products from its sister company, JBM FOOD PRODUCTS, now turned into a virtual gold by LT Herbal Health Products. The nourishing property of these calamansi peels has created a magical formula that can be an answer to problematic skin, and yet can still be used by all skin types. Thus, LIVE NATURAL beauty bar has been born. The company also has commercialized its own dishwashing from its personal used. Founded in 2018 as a backyard business with a vision, innovation and commitment to grow into a bigger enterprise has acquired its FDA license 2019. The company is owned and managed by Lydia T. Morante located at 257 Del Pilar St. Magdalena, Cabatuan, Isabela. Products offered are All natural calamansi based herbal soaps with kojic such as Live Natural kojic Papaya, Kojic with Calamansi, Kojic with Guava acapulko, Kojic with Kamias turmeric and calamansi based dishwashing using all biodegradable ingredients that are useful to mother earth. Our own little way as a treat to Mother earth.

RJS Furniture Shop

Started its operation in furniture industry in 1987. Through DTI's asssitance in product development and finishing techniques, its products have improved and later on participated in several trade fairs - regional , national and even international fairs. RJS Furniture continuously generates more employment and implements projects in line with proper waste disposal management such as adoption of 5S, uses scrap materials, innovates products and adheres with environmental protection, rules and regulation. 

Dibibi Upland Tree Farmers Producers Cooperative

Dibibi Upland Tree Farmers Producers Cooperative (DUTFC), formerly known as Dibibi Tree Farmers Association (DITA),  is an organization which aims to help its member to have an income generation for its members through engagement to the Agroforestry Enterprises as well as to contribute to the national greening program. The cooperative started its commercial tree plantation in November 2012 at Dibibi, Cabarroguis, Quirino wherein they organized production on high value crops, root crop and other agroforestry products, facilitated processing of agricultural products for value adding, promoted environment friendly farming system and production and in 2019 they began to produce coffee products such as coffee bean and brewed coffee. At present, it has 61 members from different barangays in the municipality of Cabarroguis.

D'RFM Foodelico Food Products


Diffun Saranay and Development Cooperative (DISADECO)

The Diffun Saranay Development Cooperative (DISADECO) was born on July 2, 1988 when 51 poor rice farmers from the four barangays of Ma. Clara, San Isidro, Isidro Paredes and Bannawag met under the shade of a mango tree at the Gabrillo Residence at Ma. Clara, Diffun, Quirino to discuss ways and means to improve their lot. Resultantly, the group decided to organize a cooperative calling it the Diffun Credit Cooperative Inc. (DCCI). Subsequently, trainors from Santiago Credit and Development Cooperative (SACDECO) with the assistance of MAO Romulo Mandac of the Department of Agriculture conducted a pre-membership seminar. Likewise, the first set of officers was elected as follows:

                                                Ramon B. Piano          -                       Chairman

                                                Corazon T. Ballesteros-           Vice- Chairman

                                                Benjamin B. Gabrillo  -           Treasurer

                                                Elizabeth G. Somera   -           Director

                                                Rogelio P. Dela Cruz   -           Director

                                                Pablo T. Sado              -           Director

                                                Marcelo O. Arcebal     -           Director

It started its operations with FIVE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED (P5, 200.00) paid-up share capital.A non-government organization, the World Vision International, whose mission is community development invested P40, 000.00 to the cooperative and also helped out in registering it with the BACOD.

Only a few months after its registration with BACOD, key officers (chairman, vice-chairman and manager) resigned due to transfer of employment. The budding cooperative suffered its first test. The remaining officers were unfazed, however, a reorganization immediately took place. Rogelio Dela Cruz was elected chairman, Elizabeth G. Somera as Vice-chairman, Benjamin Gabrillo treasurer, Fausta Garcia Secretary and Pablo Sado and Evaristo Acebo as members of the BOD. The officers sweated a lot in educating would be members for people are sick of the “Kita-Pati” syndrome. Sacrifices paid off for after six years of operations. Membership grew dramatically convincing the general membership to amend its constitution and by-laws. In March 21, 1994, the area of operation was amended from municipal-wide to province-wide and name was amended as Diffun Credit and Development Cooperative (DICREDECO).

Government agencies such as the Department of Trade and Industry             (DTI)   and      the       Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) were enticed by          the growth       of the   cooperative.     Both offered financial assistance.     Borrowed capital         was      managed properly and             indebtedness were             repaid in due time.       Consequently, the cooperative was a consistent                      recipient of Gawad-Pitak    Award from the           Land Bank of the Philippines.             Awards            received by the             cooperative since then             were as follows:

  • 1989 – 1st runner-up Most outstanding Small Farmer’s Organization
  • 1993-1995 – Most Outstanding Cooperative Gawad Pitak Provincial Level sponsored by the Land Bank of the Philippines
  • 1995 – Most Outstanding NGO- Gawad Tulong Sa Tao Award sponsored by the Department of Trade & Industry Region 02
  • 1996 – Most Outstanding Coop sponsored by the Cooperative Development Authority – R2
  • 1995-1996 – Most Outstanding Small Farmer’s/Fisher folks Organization Regional Winner Gawad Saka sponsored by the Department of Agriculture, 2
  •  2001 – Best in Financial Performance Agri-Based Coop Category sponsored by the Land Bank of the Philippines
  • 2001 – Best Cooperative Category Class A sponsored by the Land Bank of the Philippines
  • 2002 – Pangalawang Pinakatanging Kooperatiba by the Land Bank of the Philippines
  • 2003 – Best Cooperative in Financial Performance Agri-Based Category sponsored by the Land Bank of the Philippines
  • 2004 – Pinakatanging Kooperatiba Gawad Pitak sponsored by the Land Bank of the Philippines
  • 2004 – Gawad Pitak 2004 Kooperatiba Pinakamahusay sa Gawaing Pananalapi(Agri-based) sponsored by the Land Bank of the Philippines
  • 2005 – Gawad Pitak Hall of Fame 2005 Agri- Category  sponsored by the Land Bank of the Philippines
  • 2008 – Gawad Saka  Provincial and Regional Winner sponsored by the Department of Agriculture
  • 2010 – Provincial, Regional and National Gawad Saka Awardee sponsored by the Department of Agriculture

          2010 – Outstanding Community United In Action Awardee sponsored by     the

Provincial Local Government Unit of Quirino.

  • 2011 – GUILLERMO AWARD Most Outstanding Cooperative in the Municipality of Diffun
  • 2013 – COMMUNITY UNITED IN ACTION award given by PLGU Quirino
  • 2013 – 1st PLACER – MOST OUTSTANDING COOPERATIVE Medium Category – CDA GAWAD PARANGAL – National Winner
  • 2015 - NATIONAL FINALIST - MOST OUTSTANDING COOPERATIVE - Large Category - CDA 2015 Gawad Parangal
  • 2015 - Most Outstanding Community Enterprise in the Philippines for the 2015 VILLAR SIPAG AWARDS for poverty reduction
  • 2016 - GINUNTUANG GAWAD PITAK Awardee sponsored by the Land Bank of the Philippines


In 2006, officers of the cooperative opted not to rely on external borrowing but operate utilizing internal resources only. The total assets of the cooperative then was P52, 216,237.07 from the meager P5, 200.00 at the start of operations.

On January 19, 2007, an amendment by substitution was registered by the cooperative with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) changing the name from DICREDECO to Diffun Saranay Development Cooperative (DISADECO) and amending all other provisions in the Article of Cooperation and By-Laws in compliance with the new requirements of the CDA.

At the end of 2007, after a year of operation using only internal resources, a tremendous ten (10) million leap in total assets was realized through the able leadership of Marciana D. Foryasen as chairman, Ma. Retchelle D. Jose as manager and Ernesto V. Artates as treasurer.

It was also at the last quarter of 2007 where construction of the 2 storey DISADECO Farmers Center started and was inaugurated March 8, 2008 utilizing internal resources. The basement and ground floor of the DISADECO Farmers Center serves as the center for the agri-business sector of the cooperative while the second floor houses the DISADECO Super mart.

Besides increasing the aesthetic and commercial value of the DISADECO   compound, the space between the DISADECO administration building and the DFC

Was          concreted April, 2008. To ease entry and exit of farm inputs and                    agricultural             produce           at the DFC, Espiritista Street was concreted    through the      assistance of the             Office of          Congressman Cua.

Growth and development inspired DISADECO management to push           through            with     the implementation of the cooperative’s five year development plan. In   January 30,      2009, ground breaking of the             DISADECO Grains Processing Center          (DGPC) was   celebrated        along   with the inauguration of Espiritista Street.     Immediately after the   ground             augmented the P200, 000.00 financial support             from the COOP           NATCCO        Party just to     bring in electric current at the project site.             DGPC includes           a village type corn drying        facility, bio-N mixing plant,     a          warehouse             and drying pavement. It has long plan of        having a           palay    re-circulating   drying facility, multi-pass rice mill, feed mill and     organic            fertilizer           production facility. The DGPC was inaugurated             December 12, 2009     along   with the inauguration of the 4-wheel drive      tractor availed by DISADECO   through the GMA Corn Program.

At the closing of books, December 31, 2010 DISADECO’s total assets        stand    at         P89, 169,853.21 with all the fixed assets owned by 2,318 members.

 With the cooperative’s sincerity of bringing services nearer to its       members,         branching as laid in the development plan was implemented.         The first branch was    opened October 8, 2012 at Santiago City. In the same          year, the second branch was    opened at San Mateo, Isabela December 10,   2012. Continuous education of what        is a       cooperative emphasizing         that      it is the only way out of poverty             contributed to members          realization of    the need to continuously save and       patronize the             services of the coop.   As a result, total asset of the cooperative at     the end of the year is             134,010,738.15 with the award as Gawad      Parangal          National Nominee by the       Cooperative Development   Authority. Gawad        Parangal is a prestigious          award better     than any           other award as the basis for             evaluation is    Cooperative Organization       and      Development, Financial             Management    and Business   Operations and Social Relevance.       In short, focus is          safety of             investment, liquidity, optimum fund utilization and     adequate          return   of investment. This made DISADECO amend its vision and      mission            as:

Sirmata: Pagwaddan a cooperatiba iti pagilian

Misyon: Pinangitanok ti nainkalentigan ken naimpuswan ngapanagserbi.

For 2013, DISADECO further improved its services and brought it    further nearer to its members. Third branch was opened at Cauyan City, March 18, 2013, the fourth at Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya, June 10, 2013 and the fifth at Aurora, Isabela, and September 18, 2013. From the 134,010,738.15 total asset of 2012, DISADECO is now 196,913,095.09 as of December 31, 2013. Evolution of DISADECO is accompanied by a prestigious award as 2013 Gawad Parangal Most Outstanding Primary Cooperative Medium Scale Category. Sincerity of officers and management is recognized by the National Nomination Committee of the Gawad Parangal bestowing the chairperson of DISADECO the third most outstanding cooperative leader of the country. The Gawad Parangal with its criteria qualified DISADECO as government’s partner for the implementation of government projects for bettering the lives of the poor and marginalized.

Despite its humble beginnings, DISADECO now stands with pride along with its committed officers, staff and members whose dream for a better life joined the cooperative movement.

Quirino Livelihood for Everyone (Q-LiFE)

An enterprise development project of the Provincial Government of Quirino that aims to support the viability of the village-level ginger processing enterprise in the province by processing native and turmeric ginger. Presently, Q-LIFE is recognized for its teas that comes in three choices: Ginger, Ginmeric and Turmeric. 

Quirino Young Entrepreneurs Association

We provide healthy beverages made from different tropical fruits and baked soya and peanut products. 

Maddela Flowers and Crafts

Eternal Blooms.....Kindred Crafts......

Through a meticulous upcycling process, desiccated leaves are naturally dried and dyed before being reassembled. Gentle hands rework the materials which are made to bloom as splendid eternal blossoms.

Materials Used:

Naturally dyed, desiccated leaves

Owned by Emilia Fernandez from Maddela, Quirino, Maddela Flowers and Crafts was founded in 1998 with their primary products being flowers made out of real butterfly leaves.

Fossilized flowers of Maddela, Quirino are made of Alibangbang leaves that have been dried, bleached and dyed. They are a testament to Filipino creativity and the ability to transform everyday materials into crafts and works of art. The leaves are dried for up to two weeks, scoured and dyed. Some are dyed with several colors to produce a natural, variegated look. The process looks simple but the specifics are very exacting. Some parts of the process itself, like the coloration process, are very tedious and require extreme care.  The result is beautiful and ethereal blooms.

Emilia Fernandez, owner, founded the brand for the rural women in her community. She wanted to help them and turn their idle time into cash to help them raise their families and themselves. You could hear the passion in her voice and even the emotion in her eyes as she shared her brand story and how much she wanted to provide livelihood for them. According to her, her life would not be lived if she wasn’t able to help the women back home.

Flowerqueen Enterprises

Flowerqueen Enterprises, a handicraft business venture that creates fine-looking and long-lasting fossilized flowers, decorative products, and artworks out of indigenous materials like, twigs, weeds, leaves, grass, drift wood and bamboo. Turning imaginations into reality through crafts.

Aglipay North Agri-Business Association (ANABA)

Aglipay North Agri-Business Association is an Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Organization assisted by the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program of the Department of Trade & Industry. We are focused on making fashion accessories and other handicrafts with corn husk as our primary raw material. The corn husks used are naturally sun-dried and dyed before twining into threads. We have fashion hand bags, sling bags, bottle & jar holder, hot pad, coin purse, and wallets.

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