Harito Food Products

Harito Food Products was proud to produce and introduce the first ever 3-in-1 Pinoy Delicacy or well-known as "Buko Cassava De Leche", a combination of Cassava cake, Buko pie and Leche flan. Harito started as a trading manufacturing business of Pasalubong items and later on was assisted by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Department of Science and Technology (DOST) which enabled them to operate their own production. Through DTI and DOST, it became possible for Harito to acquire an FDA LTO license in its early stage and be a GMP certified and now in the process of undergoing necessary preparation for HACCP certification. These guarantee that Harito will provide its every customer a great experience by giving them only quality products and services.

Magra Nutri Food Corporation

We specialize in the production of Black Mulberries and Black Mulberry products. We currently have fresh Black Mulberries and Black Mulberry-flavored jam, juice, leaf tea, and wine. We source and manufacture everything from our own farms, which are located in Pangil, Laguna. We also currently have about 15,000 trees, with plans of expanding more. The rich soil and fresh air in our farms are perfect for growing our nutritious and delicious berries.


  • We Produce a range of Quality Ladies footwear Items, such as Sandals, Dollshoes, Loafers, Abaca Wedges etc.
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We Accept Bulk orders / Made to Order ~

  • Location - CAINTA RIZAL 

Maria Kim Collection workers are mostly Cebuanos and Cebuanas. This shoe business can be traced back to Ms. Virginia's Grandparents. She is thankful that her parents retained the expertise and artistry in shoe-making. She started her business at her backyard with only 5 workers. It was determination and hardwork that her company step up for expansion and development producing high quality shoes and slippers for more than a decade and a half specializing on ladies and children footwear.


Scarlet Enterprise

Strip It is the first Filipino brand to offer a ready-to-use hair removal sugaring which we started in the year 2006.
Our best seller the Strip It! Hair Removal Sugaring kit is very easy to use that you can achieve professional results in the comfort of your own home.

We use natural ingredients to create safe and effective skincare products that fill the needs of Filipinas in the new normal. Our products are proudly made in the Phil. and we prioritize sourcing ingredients directly from farmers.


We provide durable and unique handmade bags, pillow cases, table runners, wallhangings and many more.


Ai-She Footwear is a Shoe Manufaturer from Liliw, Laguna.

Oryspa Spa Solutions Inc.

Oryspa is your... Feel good spa experience anywhere, anytime. • ASEAN Excellence in Healthcare at the ASEAN Business Summit 2016 and; • Outstanding Filipino Franchise and Best in Corporate Social Responsibility Program 2017 awarded by the Philippine Franchise Association and the Department of Trade and Industry. It is our privilege to share the ORYSPA experience with you. Rice has been a staple food for most of us. But there’s more to it. Rice bran, known to Filipino as DARAK, a brown powder that is a byproduct of rice milling contains beneficial antioxidants and packed with vitamins and nutrients which are found to have powerful anti-aging properties. Rice bran oil which ORYSPA products are made of are rich in vitamin E and gamma-oryzanol. It is rich in coenzyme q10, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and even oleic acid. It's our pleasure to tell you that the products are of 100% natural origins and ORYSPA is using rice bran and rice bran oil which is primarily exfoliating, anti-aging and moisturizing. Natural plant oils are readily absorbed by the skin making it effective. Also by using natural plant oils, you avoid carcinogenic contents of synthetic oils. Now with rice bran oil, unlike other natural plant oils which you have to have an intake as supplement to have an effect, this one you don't have to drink the oil to see results as it makes effective exfoliant and contains phytic acid, a B-complex vitamin that helps improve blood circulation and stimulate cell turnover when used topically”. It is a very effective carrier oil for massages. Compared to coconut oil, rice bran oil has a higher smoke point which retains its nutritive value even when heated. In the ladder of importance of natural plant oils, rice bran oil is indeed in the upper rank. So instead of throwing them away as a feed supplement or burned as fuel, we can benefit from its nutrients by offering them to you as beauty treatment products. As an all Filipino brand of 100% natural product, it bids to compete with the rest of foreign brands, particularly in Asia. As you enjoy the ORYSPA experience, you are assured that you are contributing to the continuous local job generation in the country. As you enjoy the experience, you may want to share it with others too... As rice is a truly Pinoy trademark, ORYSPA is a truly Pinoy experience the rest of the world would want to get a share of!

Jhaz Footwear






Koibito's Artisanal Gelato

It is of great excitement that we bring you Koibito's Artisanal Gelato. We have been trained at the birth place of gelato herself, Italy. With our recipes perfected and crafted exactly the Italian way, every spoonful of Koibito's Artisanal Gelato is an escape to Italy.  Hence, our tagline: "A little piece of Italy."

Our fresh milk is a high quality product of Batangas. We strive to source ingredients locally to support our farmers, while other ingredients unavailable locally are imported from all over the world. Our gelato is always fresh, made with only the finest ingredients, has significantly less air and less fat, which makes gelato a superior alternative to commercialized ice cream. Koibito's Artisanal Gelato is a luxury frozen dessert that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Aislin Fashion Accessories

Aislin is a vision that celebrates the art of crochet. Every detailed piece is made by creative hands of our local artisans from Lucban, Quezon( mostly stay-at-home moms). Crochet is an art crafted for home decors and treasured gifts, with a mind to innovate new techniques, alternating patterns into a new product. Offering designs which are more functional, trendy and easy to wear. From fashionable unique varieties of accessories, statement earrings to stylish and elegant footwear. The name Aislin means 'a dream, a vision'-- a vision to create life opportunities to our local artisans, creating pieces that inspire and promote Philippine made products.


Handcrafted Bags, Purse, School Bags


Food Manufacturer

John's Gourmet Kitchen

Product line: Artisan Desserts (Flavored Flan in Jars, Classic Leche Flan, Graham De Leche and Tsokolade Truffles)

Brics Ventures

Manufacture of Turmeric Brew

Switsis Food Products

Switsis Food Products is a manufacturer of traditional biscuits and candies located in Brgy.Tuy,Rizal, Laguna.

Queen's Digital Printing House

The Queen's Digital Printing House is a business entity which primarily engage in digital printing. We offer personalized gifts, souvenirs, giveaways and promotional items on a highest quality for a very reasonable price.

Personalized Printing Services
T-Shirt, Souvenir, Giveaways, Gifts, Mugs, Invitations, calling cards, Keychains, Ref Magnet, Uniforms, Graphic Design, Silkscreen Printing, Digital Printing.

You think, we create!

Our mission is to provide satisfaction into every customer by working and providing products on their own personal specifications.

To equate general satisfaction with quality and value of products requested by each and every customer.

Queen's Digital Printing House Personalized souvenirs/Giveaways/shirts
Batangueno Shirts  Batangueno Clothing Line


Quinlan Enterprises is the second generation of RPL Lambanog also known as Rogelio Panganiban Linda Lambanog. RPL Lambanog was operating since 1985 while QUINLAN Enterprises started operating in 2015. We are accredited by FDA and under the program Kapatid Mentor Me Program (KMME) and One Town One Product (OTOP) of DTI. In 2015, Rizalde, the eldest son of Tatay Roger with the bearing of their brand RPL, came up with the idea to produce “Juan Lambanog”. Juan Lambanog is a pure lambanog from coconut sap. The business was focused in representing the Lambanog of San Juan, Batangas. It aims to become well-known product in the Philippines, as well as in abroad. In the same year, Rizalde started the production of Sukang Tuba, an idea from his mother. He produced products made from fermented coconut sap, the “Sukang Tuba” and “Special Sukang Tuba”. Sukang Tuba is made of plain coconut vinegar while Special Sukang Tuba is made of coconut vinegar with the variety of ingredients that became marketable and captured the taste of San Juaneños. Today, as he improves the taste and quality of the product, Rizalde changed the name Special Sukang Tuba into “Tia Linda’s Spicy Coconut Vinegar”. He derived the name of product after his mother’s name, Nanay Linda.

KXC Enterprises

Capa’s Seafood Cracklings is the main product of KXC Enterprises, a Sole Proprietorship business owned by Glazel A. Capa and located at Alvarez Village, Brgy. Lusacan Tiaong, Quezon. This is a venture through the owner’s ardent desire to come up with a unique alternative for pork food product which is naturally healthy.

The company offers a seafood chicharon with an excellent quality, good taste and an exotic variety of chicharon. This food is good for snacks, appetizers, and in any viand as pork alternative. The company’s strength lies in its drive to provide a superb quality, healthy yet reasonable in price.


To introduce and offer an alternative product to traditional pork crackling in the market at a competitive price which is nutritionally balanced. This seafood crackling is coupled with its excellent quality, good taste and healthier variety.


To become a pioneer in food business enterprise that offers a ‘health – friendly’ seafood crackling which maintains the spirit of competitiveness in the local and international markets.

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