Macate Diffun United Farmers Association

Macate Diffun United Farmers Association, an association of farmers, farmer beneficiaries, housewives, students and out of school youth located at Brgy. Macate, Diffun, Quirino committed in eliminating the use of plastics by using alternative biodegradable materials for packaging. Market bag? Token Bag? Wine Bag? Folder Bag? We have that. Made from pandan leaves, designed and crafted skillfully. Stop using plastics, be environment friendly, switch now, use bayongs.

Villa Pascua Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Villa Pascua MPC is one of the Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Organizations assisted under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program of DTI. The cooperative added its manufacturing of rice brew and rice wine as one of their income generating activities.

One Asia Trader

One Asia Traders dried fruit products are excellent fat-free alternatives to your sugary snacks. Equipped with License to Operate and Certificate of Product Registration from the Food and Drug Administration, One Asia Trader surely possesses the high quality standard that caters to the taste of domestic and international markets.

Gold Meier Food Products

Gold Meier Food Products manufactures  quality food and beverage products with FDA LTO certification by FDA

Amazing Livelihood Association

Amazing Livelihood Association Started on January 2017. It is composed of unemployed mothers in our church and community, seeing the need and hardships of indigenous mothers encourages us and gives us passion to help them. Mr. Ms. Lalaan used their savings and resources to start producing Herbal tea’s such as 15in1 Turmeric Tea. For almost three months the products we produced are given for free. The positive Comments and reactions of the people who tried our product encourages us to go on. By God’s grace our products are being patronized and promoted by our consumers until now we are growing on our production in continually supplying our dealers and consumers. 


Simply to become The Nations most loved organic products, most trusted by our consumers and to profitable association.


Mobilizing our members and creating generosity. 

Goals and Objectives

To produce quality and healthy products, and to provide affordable products to our consumers, and to encourage our customers to have a healthy lifestyle.


CAMJ Food Products

CAMJ Food Products is a duly registered business engaged in processing herbal food products and healthy food snacks located in Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya. 

Agrizkaya Cooperative Federation

'Agrizkaya Cooperative Federation is a group who offers healthy and organic food products to the locality, such as carrot powder, turmeric tea, squash powder, etc., these products are being sold in the municipality of Bambang and reaches market outside the province. The Goal of the organization is to provide the best quality of high value crops and agrirultural inputs to people by advocating organic farming in their locality. With the company's desire to expand its market reach, the cooperative continues to explore on opportunities by engaging into processsing and discovering new and potential products being offered to the locality.

Lucky Family Homemade Food Products

Lucky Family Homemade Food Products was established by a loving mother wanting to provide a good living, the busines was not solely meant to generate money but also provide opportunities for less fortunate individuals by providing jobs as means of livelihood to the community. The Ginger Candy product, won a 2nd prize spot during the conduct of Provincial Ginger Innovation Competion held on July 2019 that was facilitated by the Department of Agriculture. The business aims to help the  locals by providing livelihood source of income, especially to farmers who provide raw materials for the business, that is why, the tagline "In every product sold, less fortunate will benefit" was conceptualized by the owner and decided to integrate in into the product label.

Louise Anne Food Products

Louise Anne Food Products started in 2017 after the owner, Ms. Annabelle Magno learned it from her niece who attended training on apple cider making.It caught her interest to purssue her business dream when she received positive feedbacks from her relatives and neighbors who apppreciated the taste of her produce. After then, she decided to put up her own business and eagerly availed  different government interventions to improve her operation. Now, Louise Anne Food Products aspire to continually innovates its product offerings to serve the people by providing the best quality of apple cider vinegar and other beverages.

Frenz Food Products

With the increasing number of health-conscious consumers and demand for holistic nutrition, Frendz Food Products  started its business operation to produce different kinds of healthy herbal products and offer it to health-conscious consumers especially to senior citizens in the locality. The company aims to provide not only guaranteed best quality products with health benefits but also promote the local products and pride of the Novo Vizcayano.

Four H Handicrafts

Four H Handicrafts offers different kinds of wooden handicrafts that are made out of native design and patterns suitable for your home use and design. The raw materials use comes from pieces of drifted woods that are being use to produce artistic wood designs such as chopping board, bowl, basket etc. The company mission is to help the people in the locality get other sources of income as mean of their livelihood.

Silya Home Furnishings

Our products are made from reclaimed materials handcrafted into one-of-a-kind conversational pieces. Silya, Elektrika Atbp. provides a distinct form, giving it a homegrown perception in each design, thus giving your home a whole new atmosphere and experience.



Crystal Seas

Handwoven & Handcrafted

Mindanao-made fashion complements & lifestyle articles for your home

(clothing, fashion accessories, bags, handwoven home textiles & decors) 

Let's Go Natural

We make 100% Philippine handmade bags and accessories using raw materials that are abundant in Bohol. 

Aside from giving the world beautiful handmade bags and accessories , Let's Go Natural also  accept volume orders for Hotel and Restaurant use,  corporate convention and conference materials, gift bags and boxes.

We are also empowering women in the neighborhood by livelihood especially those who are in financial challenge situation. Wives, mothers, sisters and children in appropriate age of boatmen and construction workers are employed in this company. In order to alleviate their financial difficulties and can be able to have enough food on the table and can be able to bring their children to school. 





A homegrown jewelry business brand, from the Island of Bohol. Overlooking all processes from designing to manufacturing, our products are made with handcraft mastery and skill creating quality, globally competitive products.



Ijp Food Products

Since 1999, we have been familiar to many Boholanos during their fiesta celebrations and tourists as their “pasalubong” needs for being a dependable homemade cookies maker because of our predictable taste, comforting aroma and stable texture of our delicacies. It brought back to the history of the town during the time of the Spaniards when the locals were told to build the now famous Immaculate Concepcion Baclayon Church. It was made of stone blocks and egg whites were used as binding material during the construction. In order for the egg yolks would not be put to waste, the Spaniards taught the locals to make pastries to maximize the leftovers. We were so lucky enough that heirloom recipes were passed down through generations. As time passed by, the quality of the taste has been standardized, the food handling has been based and approved by FDA standards and the packaging materials have been improved to prolong its shelf-life. All of these changes are being done to suit the changing needs of our customers. Because of the good returns, our products were distributed and were sold to any leading supermarkets and souvenir shops in Bohol and in Cebu. The company continuously develops in many aspects to support economic growth, especially the many wives and the less privileged students in the town.



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