Tubigon Loomweavers Multi-Purpose Cooperative

We are a women led-social enterprise with a passion to create unique raffia woven fabrics using indigenous materials that would-be CURIOSITY PROVOKING by the use of the century old weaving traditions handed down by a generation of artisans in Bohol. In doing so, we are OBSERVANT to the needs of our growing market and we always VALUE privacy on the designs by the buyers and we are SUBSTANTIVE and CALCULATED in our production techniques and we do not do short cuts in producing quality products and on -time deliveries. Our narrative started in 1989 when a group of women folks decided to take charge of their future. While lacking in education, we however are highly skilled loomweavers. Leveraging this traditional and cultural skills to our advantage we organized ourselves into the Tubigon Loomweavers Association. Years passed and we realized we could do better if we are a cooperative, we register ourselves as the Tubigon Loomweavers Multi Purpose Cooperative with the Cooperatives Development Authority. The last twenty-eight (28) years have seen our group evolve from its humble beginnings to being a preeminent weaving house that is in the radar screen of major local and foreign buyers. Our story is undoubtedly inspiring and the narrative is carried further through the loomwoven fabrics that the weavers produce. The fabrics carry their own brand of handmade uniqueness, quality and culture. Traditionally, we produce raffia placemats and fabrics in rolls or yardage. While these products have a robust market, prices are however quite low. This is the essence of why our cooperative partnered with the Department of Trade and Industry which opened a wide array of opportunities for us to include, skills and entrepreneurial trainings, marketing support and assistance, financing, production and equipment to name a few. We use traditional handlooms with bamboo reeds. Basically, this means that the we have a width limitation of 24 inches. The use of bamboo reeds (vis a vis metal reeds) also affected the quality of the weave since the space between dents was inconsistent thus making for a coarser fabric. The acquisition of wider metal-framed looms to the cooperative (72 inch-width) provided us with the opportunity to do finer weave works. This is a big leap on its product and design direction since it could now produce products that met the requirements of the furniture and furnishings market that it wanted to target. Moreover, the use of metal reeds and a more stable handloom meant better quality. The new metal reeds also allowed the weavers to use finer raw materials such as polyester thread, abaca and super fine raffia. Mixing or crossing fine raffia with silk, cotton, polyester created a fluent and soft fabric. Meanwhile, mixing and crossing the usual/traditional raffia with indigenous materials to include but not limited to pandan, abaca, cogon grass, and corn husk created a textured, medium strong and semi-lucent appearance. To date. we have now a total of 56 plant based weavers and 102 community/home-based weavers and ably assisted by 400 raw material suppliers and other support workers doing hand in and in to pursue our passion for excellence to weave the fabric that our buyers need and in doing so weaving also out future.



Biological Homeopathic Med. Corp.- Cebu

The company has endeavored the Manufacturing of Virgin Coconut Oil and plantation of more coconut trees using the native and matured coconuts in pursuit of providing diverse natural effective indigenous product to the practicing physicians for their respective patients with locally produced non-synthetic, non-toxic and natural medicine and supplements. You can visit us also thru this link https://bhmcbionaturalproducts.linker.store/ and our company website www.bhmcproducts.com http://www.bhmcproducts.com & http://bhmcbionaturalproducts.linker.store/

Sandria Delicious Concept

Sandria Delicious Concept baked goods are passionately prepared by the locals of Minglanilla, Cebu. Which aims to give each of its consumers an emergency outlet once their stomach calls them. Which is true with our tagline "Your Gutom Saver".http://sandria.linker.store/ ftp://sandria delicious concept

Audrey's Confectioneries

The Philippine fresh Mangoes I are the sweetest fruit in the world. At Audrey's Confectioneries, we have transformed the famous Cebu dried mangoes into a feast of caramel delicacy. The unique combination of salty sweetness and fruity delight is at the heart of every bite. Imagine all that goodness covered with premium dark chocolate, nutty cashew and pistachio. It will surely please the most discerning palate. http://audreysconfect.linker.store/

Rachael N Jhundy's Homemade Food Products

Rachael's Homemade manufactured and process marine products that has no preservatives,. We use all natural ingredients for all our products, a homemade style to give consumer a healthy food to eat and high quality products but affordable in price. Online store: https://rachaelshomemade.linker.store/ for your online payment option : Rachael N Jhundy's Homemade Food Products BDO Peso Savings Account #: 001860439908 G cash #: 09173202401 http://rachaelhomemade.linker.store/

Almar Jewelry Manufacturing

View our Online Store https://almar.linker.store/ Almar Jewelry Manufacturing is Philippines base manufacturer and exporter of natural jewelries since 2015. The company was first founded in Cordova Cebu Philippines. Our fashion accessories are made of indigenous materials such as Shell, wood, horns and other differnet kinds of gift from mother nature. http://almar.linker.store/

Hannah's Handicraft

A manufacturer of handmade bags, clutches and purses made of local Indigenous materials like sea shells, wooden beads, natural fibers and coconut shells used for all occasion. http://hannahs2006handicraft.linker.store/

Forjoy Jewelry Fashion Unlimited

FORJOY produces fashion accessories made of shells, wood and coco with the combination of imported materials to make a unique design and high quality products with affordable price. http://forjoyfashion.linker.store/

Ferangeli Guitar Handcrafter

Proudly made in the handcrafted instruments. We primarily focus on making high-quality guitars, ukuleles, and other instruments.http://www.ferangeliguitar.com

Adorno'72 Home Decors

A Cebu-based design company that creates high-quality wall decors, sculptures, and lamps. Established on 2011 by Arnel M. Santillan, a Cebu-based designer. Through incorporating locally available materials such as seashells and coconut shells in the design gives an extraordinary homage to the Filipino culture. adorno72_as@yahoo.com facebook.com/adorno72homedecors

  • Attending local and international exhibits to showcase high quality home decors up close and personal.
  • Customizing and personalizing orders to fit your needs.

Hablon Sa Cebu-CTU Argao

Hinablon sa Cebu


In communities where handloom weaving exists, varied traditions surrounding the craft are embodied in every hand-woven product to represent their heritage and way of life. Handloom Weaving craft & industry of the Municipality of Argao endured the onslaught of time and change!

Argao’s hand-woven products are called “hinablon”, from the word “habol” which in Cebuano-Visayan language refers to blankets, the original handloom woven products made by the loom weavers or “habloneras”. 

Through the Research, Development and Community Extension Services by committed faculty and staffs of Cebu Technological University -Argao Campus (CTU-AC), financial and technical  grants from the Department of Trade and Industry 7 (DTI7) along with the consistent marketing, supply and technical support from the local government, and non-government organization, and prominent industry key players, the revival of the dying Handloom Weaving Industry of Argao was heartwarming sucess! 

At present, the weaving industry in Argao is slowly regaining its market strength. Hablon products have evolved into variety of Garments Fabrics and Textiles, Wearable Fashion Accessories such as scarves, shawls bags, purse, wallets and footwear into clothing items such as gowns, dresses, barongs, and suits. We also now make custom Gifts & Souvenirs for all occasions! All these products can be made to the customer’s unique tastes as it is woven and handmade with a story and a heart! 

Aside from protecting and preserving the handloom weaving heritage, we are also sustaining and creating more opportunities for livelihood of the community of local female loom weavers and family assistants, sewing communities from mountainous barangays, local painters and students as products finishers. Since Hablon sa Cebu only produce fabric as the need arises, without the use of machines and harmful chemical in the manufacturing, we would like to also emphasize Sustainable Green practices and share it to the society.

The challenge is to create a niche for authentic Cebunao fabric and textiles throught Hinablon sa Cebu, through fostered dynamic partnerships, ultimately towards empowered and sustainable communities!

Effecting Change for the Communities! 

Here are our Small Steps to Innovation! 

The Academe's Role for the Community! 



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