Glo-Anse Handcrafted Products

we customized your boxes that is perfect for you like storage boxes,jewelry boxes,watchbox, and gift boxes using diff. materials of banig and leatherette.

Island RKOC Home Decors & Accessories

Home of decors from.curtain accessories door handles kitchen table tops.hanging ornaments high end bag holders trays boxes for tissues and all kitchen relative products.http://www.rkocshells.com

Zigmund Enterprises

Producer/Distributor of Concentrated Calamansi Juice with Honey

NBF Homemade Products

Bulad is a common Filipino dish otherwise known as daing or tuyo in other dialects. It’s made of sun and air-dried salted fish. NANAY’s Bulad Flakes is a sauteed ready-to-eat dried Surgeon fish or labahita in a jar — an innovation to the simple Filipino bulad dish and definitely a gustatory delight for every Filipino! Bulad is traditionally an appetizer but this one can easily be eaten as the main dish. Do not expect a too salty taste instead, these are uniquely high umami take on the bulad and more of fish tocino-like taste.

Tribal Miracle Oil Supply

100% Pure Himag Oil

Lynnx Homemade Products

Well made homemade products and wines

Lumago Designs

Uplifting marginalised communities of women in Dumaguete through skilled upcycled handicraft accessories. Every woman we work with like every bead we roll is a work of art and we take pride in the beauty of their differences.

Our signature material is the handrolled paper bead, dipped and dried in a durable resin. We also use plastic bottles, pull tabs, recycled clothes, recycled leather bags and more. All our pieces are made by our artisans at home so they can send their kids to school.

Please check out our website for all the social initiatives we have in place in the community that your purchases help to fund.

Don’t see what you like? Contact us lumagoproducts@gmail.com to see other colours and designs in stock, wholesale prices AND international shipping rates.

Website: www.lumagodesigns.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lumagodesigns

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lumago_designs

Kawayan Collective Bamboo

A bamboo treatment facility elevating bamboo as a sustainable, durable, natural and beautiful material for many uses.




Elena's Bakery and Pasalubong Center

Located at the heart of Poblacion, Enrique Villanueva, Province of Siquijor, Elenas’ Bakery and Pasalubong Center was established in 2010. Back then it was a small bakery until it has availed DOST’s SET-UP Program that improved its baking equipment. Elena joined the DTI established Siquijor Association of Food Entrepreneurs (SAFE) where it helped her in showcasing her product creating a more diverse market and consistently building its product image through local and regional trade fairs. In 2017, Elena’s Bakery and Pasalubong Center was enrolled in the OTOP Next Gen Program of the Department of Trade and Industry wherein the program helped her in securing the Food and Drug Administration – License to Operate (FDA-LTO) Certification which was issued and released on February 2018. Furthermore, a Product Development on Packaging and Labelling was also availed by Ms. Elena T. Ibera, the owner of the company. Elena’s Bakery and Pasalubong Center is now enjoying a major share in the local market of Siquijor because it has become one of the Island’s tourists’ destinations and hopefully will thoroughly penetrate its neighbouring provinces. Though Elena’s  is not a direct exporter, it’s best selling Otap has reached foreign countries especially the US through balikbayans.


UBGL Store:        https://safesiquijorph.linker.store/.

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/elena.ibera2


JGFaV Food Products

Owned by a skilled baker Marylou delos Nieves, JGFaV Food Products emerged as a formal business by registering it with the Department of Trade and Industry – Siquijor Provincial Office way back in 1994. First, it started as a catering business but it did not prosper so she tried diverting it to baking cakes and pastries.  In the year 2011,  DTI Siquijor organized a group of food processors and named it as Siquijor Association for Food Entrepreneurs (SAFE) where she was elected President of the association.  She leads the group well while improving her own business by showcasing her products creating a more diverse market and consistently building its product image through local and regional trade fairs. In 2017, OTOP Program of DTI helped food MSMEs in securing Food and Drug Administration – License to Operate (FDA-LTO) Certification and JGFaV Food Products is one of the beneficiaries of the said assistance. JGFaV Food Products is now enjoying a fair share of the local market (Siquijor Province) and her products also reached places outside the province through middlemen.

Links :

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/marylou.delosnieves.3

Nanie's Delicacies

Located at Licoan, Maria of the beautiful little island-province of Siquijor, Nanie’s Delicacies became a legitimate business being registered with the Department of Trade and Industry on May 26, 2012.  It is named after the nickname of the owner Corazon O. Tingcang who processed chips from out of the available raw materials in the locality, namely: bananas, camote and gabi. At first, she just did it as a hobby, sold her produce to her neighborhood but later on expand her small business by selling her chips through school canteens and some stores in the locality. In the year 2011, the Department of Trade and Industry-Siquijor Provincial Office assisted and organized a group of individual processed food entrepreneurs in Siquijor province, called it as “Siquijor Association of Food Entrepreneurs (SAFE) and registered it with the Department of Labor and Employment. Being a member in that association, she formally made her livelihood into a small business, thus Nanie’s Delicacies emerged in 2012. From then on, the SAFE members were being monitored and constantly assisted by DTI through provision of seminars/trainings up to securing business licenses and certifications such as the FDA-License To Operate, FDA Certificate of Product Registration, Participation to Trade Fairs and recently the “Adapting to the New Normal Way of Doing Business". Nanie’s Delicacies is currently supplying banana chips, gabi chips and camote chips aside from the local market (Siquijor province) to some outlets in the neighboring provinces of Negros Oriental and Bohol.


UBGL linker store https://safesiquijorph.linker.store/.

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/nanie.tingcang.58



Jhyzzy Peanut Special

Owned by Jessie T. Ogoc, Jhyzzy Peanut Special located at Tag-ibo, San Juan, Siquijor was formalized as a peanut processing business by registering it with the Department of Trade and Industry-Siquijor Provincial Office on July 3, 2012. The business was used to be his brother’s but unfortunately he quitted and so Jessie pursued it until it gained popularity in the local market. Its products ranges from Roasted Peanuts, Crunchy Peanuts, Peanut Brittle, Peanut Butter and Polvoron with peanuts. Jhyzzy Peanut Special is a beneficiary of DTI’s numerous assistance, i.e. trainings and seminars, participation to trade fairs, securing business licenses and certification such as FDA License to Operate. It is enjoying a fair share of the local market (Siquijor province) and currently supplying to some outlets in the neighboring provinces of Negros Oriental and Bohol.

Links :

UBGL Store: https://safesiquijorph.linker.store/.

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Jhyzzy-Peanut-Special-180069339233347/?ref=page_internal

Dainty Food Products

Dainty Food Products is the processor of Fairy Sweets. Fairy Sweets derived its brand name from the mystic, beautiful island of Siquijor. Its products ranges from peanut brittle, special torta, tastier empanada, cakes and various desserts. Ms. Arce Enriquez, the owner, is a member of the Siquijor Association of Food Entrepreneurs (SAFE), a DTI organized association wherein the business has availed and benefitted so much DTI Programs.


UBGL Linker store :   https://daintyfoodproducts.linker.store/.

Facebook :   https://www.facebook.com/angelica.p.enriquez

Smylen Dream Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil

Smylen Dream Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil is the first and only processor of virgin coconut oil in the Province of Siquijor. It is using a state of the art equipment in extracting oil from the famous tree of life. The owner, Mrs. Merlie C. Fisher, wife of a retired American pilot, Mr. Ben Fisher established the company in 2011. Aside from processing virgin coconut oil, the business maximizes the utilization of all parts of the coconut like its shell which are converted into functional decors and housewares.


Website  http://www.smylendream.com

Duran's Banana Products

Located in the famous centuries-old Balete Tree which is one of the tourist destinations in Siquijor island province, Duran's Banana Products is one of the businesses established by the Duran's family. It is a processor of banana chips, banana sticks/fries. Its main market outlet is their own Alrex Pasalubong Center which happens to be the first and only OTOP Hub in Siquijor Province. 


UBGL Linker store:   https://safesiquijorph.linker.store/.

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/exal.jay

Mountainview Homemade Food Products

Derived its name from its location which has a fantastic view of mountains in Barangay Bonga, Town of Maria, Province of Siquijor. Mountainview Homemade Food Products is a processor of good quality peanut products such as peanut roll and salted peanuts. The owner, Mrs. Salome Tingcang Tiguman registered her small home-based business with the Department of Trade and Industry on May 26, 2017. She then became a member of the Siquijor Association of Food Entrepreneurs, a DTI organized association.


UBGL linker store: https://safesiquijorph.linker.store/.

Facebook :   https://www.facebook.com/nessa.tiguman

Ket's Craft Innovations

"We innovate, we change waste materials into valuable products." This is the catchphrase of Mr. Tito Flores Suico, the owner of Ket's Craft Innovations. The small backyard undertaking was formally established in 2015 by registering it with the Department of Trade and Industry. Since then, Ket's Craft Innovations has been a recipient of numerous assistance from the department which ranges from trainings and seminar-workshops, product development, market promotion, etc.  

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