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Coming soon on July 19, 2021
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  • July 19-23 2021

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The Sandugo Trade Expo started as a provincial fair in 1988, in the Province of Bohol. It is held on the last week of July of each year, when the province celebrates the Annual Sandugo Festival, an event commemorating the historic blood compact between the local chieftain Datu Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legaspi of Spain. For about five years since it started, the fair used to be mounted at the Provincial Capitol grounds, in front of Plaza Rizal. In the ensuing years, it was moved inside the lobby of major hotels in Tagbilaran City, but based on post-fair assessment results, these have not been favorable for Boholano exhibitors because (1) the venues were not easily accessible for both exhibitors and buyers, (2) products displayed were limited only to handcrafted items, and (3) promotion has not been very strong then. Hence, starting 2004, the fair’s location has been moved inside a local mall to give way to accessibility and improved traffic. Over the years, the trade show has invited quite a number of guests, visitors, buyers from across the country and even more established international buyers who have buying agents in the Philippines. Due to its success as a provincial fair, it was up-scaled to a regional fair in 2006, and has since then been included in the calendar of major buyers and visitors. The fair has grown bigger each year, with exhibitors coming in from as far as Cordillera in the north and CARAGA in the south.


Sandria Delicious Concept

NBF Homemade Products

Adorno'72 Home Decors

Hannah's Handicraft

Rachael N Jhundy's Homemade Food Products

Elena's Bakery and Pasalubong Center

Duran's Banana Products

Mountainview Homemade Food Products

P1 Handicrafts

Ninang's Kitchen

Nanie's Delicacies

Canjulao League of Women Jagna Bohol Inc.

Prime of Asia Handicraft

Ijp Food Products

Lynnx Homemade Products

Forjoy Jewelry Fashion Unlimited

Island RKOC Home Decors & Accessories

RCR Needlecraft


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